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Art On Fashion by Angela Hobbs ~
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 An Introduction

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PostAn Introduction

I had been in and out of the music industry for over 40 years. I began as an entertainer, I have done everything from production and promotion, to booking and management. 

I lived in Los Angeles for many years, and worked within the field of music, film and tv. I also dealt in vintage and collectibles, as well as owned a designer resale and vintage boutique where I sold and rented high end clothing and costumes to the studios for movies and tv. I had a loft upstairs where I manufactured my own small clothing line at "A Capricorn's" on Melrose Ave.

I loved to do trunk shows, flea markets and other events associated with the selling of used, original, or crafted goods. My mother was an actress turned fashion designer, and created lines for brand names such as Moda and Lillie Rubin.  I suppose I got the designer gene from her, among other things. 

I also have a collectibles online store for vintage where some of the fabrics I have collected over the years will be sold. I will be selling quite high end fabrics from Europe and from designers such as Valentino and Anne Klein, worth between $20 and $100 a yard. The thought of the task itself is daunting, but I will eventually get some of those fabulous fabrics available for sale in the shop.
Let's consider this a start, where I can tell you stories, and more about myself if you like, so until the next entry, take care, and come back and see me soon.

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An Introduction

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